Justin and Selena didn?t hide out ? they spent their date in the midst of fans and Justin was a very supportive boyfriend. Read on!

Justin BieberandSelena Gomezhave become infamous for renting out theaters for their ownprivate movie screenings. However, the couple went old school when they saw Selena?s cameo in Disney?sThe MuppetsNov. 25 in Dallas, Texas ? andHollywoodLife.comhas all the exclusive details.

Contrary to aprevious reportthat they sawThe Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn ? Part One, our spy tells us Justin, 17, and Selena, 19, went to the 7:20 p.m. showing ofThe Muppetsat the Landmark Magnolia Pictures Theater, after spending Thanksgiving with Selena?s family.

?It was just the two of them,? our source says. ?They watched the movie with the general public. They were both incredibly polite and low profile.?

So how did the A-list couple dodge crowds and slip by almost unnoticed?

?Not too many people realized they were there because they came into the screening while the trailers were running,? the insider explains. ?It was dark and people didn?t see them. When they came to the theater complex, they were both holding hands.?

Adds our eyewitness, ?They looked really down to earth and very happy!?

Aswe told you, we thoughtThe Muppetswas one of the bestmoviesof the year and we bet Justin and Selena felt the same! Selena?scameowas super cute.



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