Siden det er jul, kommer det ikke noe nytt om Justin. Det vil si 0 blogging.. Derfor blir det sikkert noen runder medFacts, Imagines og Quotes. Og foresten God Jul!


#IMAGINE Justin:Roses are red,violets are blue my last name is Bieber and yours will be too 

#IMAGINE Justin: Can I have a picture of you? You: Why? Justin: So I can show Santa what I want for Christmas.

#IMAGINE your laying in your bed next to Justin. He wraps his arm around you while he's asleep

#IMAGINE You and Justin sitting on a picnic blanket under a tree. He's feeding you strawberries... With his mouth.

#IMAGINE  You and Justin fighting, and he grab your face and kisses you.

#IMAGINE  You:Justin, do u like me? Justin:No,i dont! You: *gets sad* Justin:*takes your face in his hands* I dont like u,I love you! *Kisses you softly

#IMAGINE Justin calls you in the middle of the night and says "Just calling to say I miss you"

#IMAGINE *you & justin are fighting* Justin: Please forgive me! You: No! We're over! Justin: *grabs you & kisses you* please forgive me.

#IMAGINE justin hugged you and said ''i hug hundreds of fans everyday. but when i'm in your arms, i get butterflies.'' 

#IMAGINE You: I've heard ur a player. *Justin steps closer to u & holds ur hand*: Once i've got the perfect girl, i will never let her go.


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god jul!

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