#IMAGINE you: when we get married, i want to go to Paris for our honeymoon. Justin: I dont really care where, i just want a bed & privacy 

#IMAGINE  You: Why do you keep smiling non-stop? Justin: Because when U Smile, I smile.

#IMAGINE Justin is on the beach with you, he?s shirtless, every girl tries to get his attention, but he only looks at you

#IMAGINE  *you & Justin are at the mall & Justin suddenly kisses you* you: wtf? Justin: I don't care. I want everybody to know you're mine

#IMAGINE You and Justin are watching a scary movie, and your scared. So Justin moves closer to you, and wraps his arms around you.

#IMAGINE  Pattie: "Justin, get me a glass of water."Justin: "Im too lazy to get up." You: "I could use a glass of water too!" Justin: "BRB!"

#IMAGINE  you: so watcha gonna do today ? justin: im gonna kidnap you. you: whatcha gonna do to me ? justin: i wanna do bad stuff with you

#IMAGINE justin: there are so many people and lights here, but the lights only light up YOU

#IMAGINE *you and justin are fighting* you: justin look, we're already fighting! justin: yeah maybe, but i'm fighting for love

#IMAGINE pattie: what's your christmas wish baby? justin: have *your name* here. *Looks down, sad. Then you come in* you: MERRY CHRISTMAS



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