#BIEBERFACT Justin said that his first kiss felt awkward

#BIEBERFACT Justin says he will cry when Jazzy gets married.

#BIEBERFACT The doctor once told Justin "Don't lift anything heavy for 2 weeks." he answered, "Guess i'll have to pee sitting down."

#BIEBERFACT Justin said that the boys who insult him are just jealous cause he gets more girls

#BIEBERFACT When Justin was principal for a day at a school, he ripped down a sign that said "NO hats or hoods."

#BIEBERFACT  Justin wears Size 9 jeans, Size 1 underwear, Size 18 tops, Size 8 shoes and Size 10 hats.

#BIEBERFACT  Justin likes to sing "I'm super cool, super hot, I'm the guy you like a lot." while he's in the shower.

#BIEBERFACT  Alfredo was trying to wake up Justin, so he put on Mistletoe but then Justin started singing in his sleep

#BIEBERFACT Interviewer: "How do you get Bieber Fever?" Justin: "You have to touch me!"

PS: hvis dere vil ha det oversatt til Norsk må dere bare kommentere:)


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